On Average, Americans Would Save $200 By Switching to a Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

Cell phone dollars

Cell phone service through one of the Big 4 - Verizon, ATT, Sprint, and T-Mobile - isn't cheap, especially if you need to get a phone that works with their network. Their deals, which often focus on family plans, aren't great for a single person. Not to mention their oppressive, universally despised contracts. If you think that cell service could be cheaper with another company, you're right. Switching to a no contract cell phone plan can save you $200 or more every year.


Ting Case Study - Is the Leap of Faith Worth the Savings?

Savings case study

We interviewed 30 year old John Davis from Los Angeles, California about his experience with Ting. Ting is a cell phone service provider that charges only what you use, and has contract-free smartphone plans starting from $17 per month. Here's what John has to say about Ting's coverage, speed, and pricing.


Ting iPhone Guide: Which iPhones Does Ting Work With? (2015)

A frequent question that we get from readers of our Ting review, is: "What iPhones does Ting work with?" We did some research on Ting’s website, talked to a few members of Ting support, and did some tests of our own to find out.